A new touch on your surfaces with its unique and cool texture...

A wonderful combination of the crystalline surface of the Moon Cream and the texture of the Vanilla Spider’s.

Technical Specifications New Collection
Hardness 3.4 Mohs
Apparent Density 2.640 kg/m3
Open Porosity 0,30%
Water absorption coefficient by capillarity 0.33 gr/m2.s0.5
Water absorption at atmospheric pressure 0,13%
Abrasion Resistance 19.32 mm
Frost Resistance (48 cycle) 143 Mpa
Compressive strength 180 Mpa
Ratio of fullness 0,99%
Chemical Specifications New Collection
Si O2 % 0,0554
Fe2 O3 % <0.1
Ca O % 56,2
Mg O % 0,52