We aim to be an environmentally sensitive company that makes rich contributions to the development of the regions in which we operate and strengthens the Turkish economy.

Founded in 2011, İlan Marble, is an integrated raw material provider specializing in marble block production with high quality resources, global approach and standardized services for establishing long-term friendly and cooperative relationships to create a bright future. İlan Marble has a branch in Beyşehir, Konya and started its production activities since 2014. As of April 2014, İlan Marble started its production activities by opening the 3rd marble quarry in Beyşehir Region.

Unique Gift of Nature...

With its team of experts and state of the art production facilities, İlan Marble aims to establish itself as an environmentally aware company that contributes greatly to the development of the regions in which it operates and bolsters the Turkish economy. It began its operations with block marble production by exporting directly from its own sites. The company further aims to increase its number of mines, production capacity and product variation in coming years by producing also pre-sized marble slabs and offering a wider range of product options to domestic and international clients.

Beige marble is typical of the region and production capacity in light and dark tone variations is especially high. İlan Marble, has seven different types of marbles with irregularly distributed crystallized calcite veins, from Gencek quarries, namely Moon Cream, Moon Grey, Vanilla White, Vanilla Spider, Vanilla Venato,French Vanilla and New Collection.

Since 2015, İlan Marble is participating the biggest marble exhibitions of the world as "Xiamen Stone Fair", "Izmir Marble Fair" and "Jaipur Stone Mart" so it brings together it's attractive beige marbles with international costumers.